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Headers #9

Foto: Krijn Soeteman Date: November 3, 2014 Camera: Canon 6D, EF 24-105mm F/4.0 I used this header for the site for approximately six mo [...]

Steam & old Ati (AMD) video cards

I dare not say if this fix goes for all older Ati / AMD video cards, but it has helped me a few times now. Because I always forget where I f [...]

Facebook: stats on positive and negative posts

Last Friday (June 27) I noticed a post on by the Dutch TV programme ‘Tegenlicht’. The headline read “Facebook tin [...]

From Volkskrantgebouw to Volkshotel

The Volkshotel in the former building of the Volkskrant, still one of the largest newspapers in The Netherlands, transformed during the pa [...]

HowTo: walk or cycle in Amsterdam*, a tourist guide

The rules of thumb are pretty simple: Walk If you want to cross a street, start walking, but do not change speed or direction. The Dutch cy [...]

rkhunter tutorial

Just as a reminder for myself (mainly for when I receive a warning by email and don’t remember some of the CLI commands ;-) ) This web [...]

Amsterdam NDSM-werf: Brooklyn Hotel

Nicely done, this elevated ‘shed’! [...]

Old video games: Zaxxon (Sega 1982)

This commercial aired in 1982 for Zaxxon, a Sega game. “A true feel of action in three dimensions!” I uncovered this video a few [...]

Check out the flat land: the Flevopolder

The Netherlands are flat. Very flat. That flatness is one of the things to experience when you go there. Yes, you’ll see a glimpse whe [...]
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