Google Cardboard VR Photo’s of unusual places

Upped January 30:

… Or better said: places you normally wouldn’t take pictures.

Upped January 16:

In order to get working Cardboard Camera pictures, you should download the original *.vr.jpg-files. Those are not linked from the photo carrousel (because of size and stuf like that) but can be obtained from the links below :-)

They include sound (wind, always wind). Apart from wind, also sounds of piles being drilled into the ground (so the houses don’t subside, you know Amsterdam is build on poles and piles).

Westerdokskade under the bridge (photo 1)
Zandhoek/Zoutkeetsgracht Amsterdam (photo 2)
Meeuwenplas Hooghalen (photo 3)
Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen (photo 4)
Amsterdam Lelylaan, train station (photo 5)
Amsterdam Noord, Mt. Lincolnweg (photo 6)

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